example graphicI-Dot One MC: This non-contact low-volume liquid handling platform allows the very rapid combination of different liquids such as DNA-fragments. Dispensing range starts at 2 nl and is almost dead volume free.
example graphicepMotion 5075TMX: We operate an epMotion 5075TMX pipetting robot. This machine can pipette, thermomix and incubate samples automatically and is especially useful for complex media setup, aliquoting and reformating of samples.
example graphicCyBio Selma: A semi-automated 96-tip pipette useful for the flexible handling of 96- and 384-well MTPs.
example graphicKröte: This liquid handling platform with four needles for pipetting, incubation and an integrated thermocycler is currently on leave to enjoy the company of the TU Darmstadt iGEM-team.
example graphic3D Printer (MakerGear M2): Our 3D printer helps us to develop custom labware for many different applications.